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Domestic and Antarctic Names - State and Topical Gazetteer Download Files

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Below are data extracts from the Geographic Names Information System for download as pipe-delimited text (.txt) files within a compressed (.zip) format. These files contain primary feature attributes, but not all attributes. See the File Format links and GNIS Metadata for additional information. Please turn off pop-up blocker or allow pop-ups from this site. If there appears to be no response to a file selection, check the status of the pop-up blocker. The browser security level settings may also be trying to block file downloads. If this is the case, right click on the information bar that displays, select "Download File...", then select the file for download again. All files are in UTF-8 encoded text format and were last updated March 11, 2019 except if noted otherwise. Questions:

The GNIS Feature ID, Official Feature Name, and Official Feature Location are American National Standards Institute standards (ANSI INCITS 446-2008). The standard is available at the ANSI Web Store.

States, Territories, Associated Areas of the United States -- File Format

Topical Gazetteers -- File Format

  • Populated Places – Named features with human habitation—cities, towns, villages, etc. Subset of National file above.
  • Historical Features – Features that no longer exist on the landscape or no longer serve the original purpose. Subset of National file above.
  • Concise Features Large features that should be labeled on maps with a scale of 1:250,000. Subset of National file above.
  • (last updated October 2, 2009)
  • All Names – All names, both official and nonofficial (variant), for all features in the nation.
  • Feature Description/History – Includes the following additional feature attributes: Description and History. This file is not a standard topical gazetteer file. If you need these additional feature attributes, you will need to associate the data, using the feature id column, with the data in one of our other files, such as those under the "States, Territories, Associated Areas of the United States" section.
  • Antarctica Features – Features in Antarctica approved for use by the US government.
  • Government Units – Official short names, alphabetic, and numeric codes of States
    (INCITS 38:200x Formerly FIPS 5-2) and counties (INCITS 31:200x Formerly FIPS 6-4).

State Files with Federal Codes -- File Format

These files contain features with the following Federal location codes: 1) Census Code (formerly FIPS55 Place Code), 2) Census Class Code (formerly FIPS55 Class Code), 3) GSA Geolocation Code, or 4) OPM Duty Station Code.

The former FIPS 55-3 standard was superseded by ANSI standard INCITS 446-2008. Former FIPS 55 data have been incorporated into the GNIS. The GNIS Feature ID superseded the FIPS55 Place Code (now the Census Code) as the Federal and national standard geographic feature record identifier. The Census Bureau continues to assign five digit Census Codes for internal purposes. The Census codes and Census Class codes (Class Code Definitions) will be available in these files and in the GNIS Federal Codes search site. Legacy systems are highly encouraged to convert to the Feature ID as soon as possible.

State and County Codes: INCITS 38:200x (Formerly FIPS 5-2) State codes and INCITS 31:200x (Formerly FIPS 6-4) county codes are separate standards and are NOT affected by this change. See Census ANSI Codes for additional information.

ZIP Codes: For information and data concering Postal Service ZIP Codes, see Census Bureau ZIP Code Tabulation Areas. ZIP Code data are not included in these files for the reasons stated therein.


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